Theatre-based Communication Training

Theatre-based training has evolved from role plays, ice-breakers and team-building activities into a serious tool. Its use ranges from behavioral adaptation, exploring communication and collaboration to leadership skills development. Theatre-based training is about learning a set of skills through experience. It helps you identify and explore possibilities to enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace

The focus of our communication workshops is the emphasis on discovering by doing. Participants get to learn specific tools and with regular practice of the tools they can see a shift in their performance and enhanced impact through their communication. Participants are involved in the workshop by observing, reflecting, performing and working directly with the coach.

Our theatre based workshops are not mere fun activities. Through these activities the participants also get deeper insights into their inner world. This process is different form of self-discovery as it takes the participants away from their thinking to have in-the-body experience helping them understand the mind-body connection. The essence of these workshops is the supportive coaching and behavioural insights provided by the facilitator.

Our Theatre based programs: -

Speaking with Impact: - (High impact presentation skills)

1. Understand the science of audience engagement.

2. Tools to improve voice modulation.

3. Ways to improve diction and clarity.

4. Learn the nuances of stresses and pauses and it's impact in delivering the message.

5. Use of narrative style in communication.

6. Effective use of Non Verbal Communication to influence.

7. Gain insights into the dimensions of personality, which inhibit expressions.

Story telling: -

1. Clarifying Objective.

2. Organizing your story.

3. Delivering your story.

4. Exploring Expression.

5. Taking Risk.

Leadership Communication: -

1. Understanding empathy.

2. Building Rapport.

3. Exploring TRUST.

4. Authenticity and congruency

5. Vulnerability.

6. Recognize and articulate emotions.

7. Adaptability in communication.

Find Your Own Expression: -

1. Learn flexibility in communication.

2. Develop confidence.

3. Develop creativity.

4. Strengthen speaking and listening skills.

5. Build tolerance and adaptability






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