Mindfulness for teachers

The role of a teacher is vital in developing human capital. It is not just enough for the teachers to transmit academic knowledge to students but it is also important that teachers possess crucial soft skills. These soft skills are essential to engage the students meaningfully and improve their comprehension, shape their self-esteem, nurture students’ abilities and help them in their overall development.

Some of the challenges teachers face today can be classified into areas like effective commutation and teaching styles, managing emotions and stress, flexibility in thinking and decision making, creativity, self and health management. A lot of research done by various individuals and institutions also suggests the need for teacher development in these areas.

Given these challenges, we offer training based on Mindfulness. This is to help attain well-being so that the teachers can in turn shape students’ capabilities judiciously. It can also foster a strong community which collaborates and helps each other. We offer Mindfulness based programs on Emotional Intelligence and the outcome include the following

1. Higher awareness of the emotional world

2. Better management of impulse and emotions

3. Ability to develop empathy and kindness towards students

4. Understand students better

5. Greater ability to influence students

6. Higher ability to manage stress and enhance productivity

Story telling Workshop for Teachers:

Students learn and retain more when their senses are fully engaged. This requires teachers’ to not merely present the lessons but create a very engaging delivery. Our theatre-based story telling workshop addresses this need, where teachers learn effective theatre based tools. The highlight of this training is that, teachers can see a shift in their performance using the techniques and regular practice can further develop them to be excellent storytellers.






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