Mindfulness for Students

Emphasis and expectation of constant higher academic performance from the students leads to ignorance of the development of the students’ inner world. Very few students receive guidance on attention training, collaboration, awareness and regulation of emotions and other personality developmental aspects.

Due to the lack of attention on such training, students find it difficult to cope up with problems, which arise from the functioning of the mind and emotional world. This could have a long lasting impact on the students overall development.

We offer Mindfulness Training to students to give tools to help them cope with and overcome these problems and difficulties.

Some of the challenges students face today can be as follows:

1. Examination stress

2. Struggling to learn new concepts

3. Wandering mind

4. Lower mood levels

5. Lower emotional resilience

6. Extreme reactions to unfamiliar situations

Our workshops include methods to improve attention and awareness, making them more capable of taking in new information. It improves their working memory and can become more alert in day to day lives. There is also an increase in compliance with teacher requests. Further these tools reduce emotional reactivity, behavioral issues, anxiety and depression.

These tools help to clear their minds so that they can focus on the tasks at hand. It is like training their ‘attention muscles’. This means students have fewer potential obstacles standing in the way of their learning becoming better performers and highly skilled learners. Mindfulness helps students become calm, happier and stronger within.






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