Mindfulness for Sportspersons

Sport requires a great deal of physical fitness and vitality, paying attention to the present moment and coping strategies for stress and resilience. It has been observed that sportspersons face difficulties such as pressure, socio-economic inequalities, injuries and exploitation.

The visible impact we see is that a few of them dropout midway through their careers or they perform poorly. There is the danger of underestimating the self or becoming highly self-centered. They also need to balance other aspects of their lives with sports training.

Some of the challenges sportspersons face today can be as follows:

1. Constant learning and development

2. Anxiety and lack of self confidence

3. Dwelling on past failures

4. Physical burnout

5. Physical and mental maintenance

In view of these challenges, we offer training based on Mindfulness. Mindfulness allows sportspersons to become aware of personal thoughts and feelings. This way, they can focus on the skills to maintain, quickly overcome problems and generate better results.

Practicing mindfulness has benefits such as:

1. body mind connection is well understood which reduces anxiety and stress

2. The level of endurance increases

>3. It creates a more positive approach to difficulties and problems

4. You can train the body to work longer improving the resistance to fatigue.

5. You can avoid injuries by balancing between self-control and achievable goals

6. Higher adaptability to any kind of situation

7. Build a higher self-esteem with higher awareness

8. Build emotional resilience and ability to overcome setbacks.






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