Executive Coaching

Personal Coaching for Wellbeing :

Helping people achieve well being is at the core of our work. Through a personalized one on one coaching intervention participants find great value in receiving guidance, feedback and monitoring progress to reach their desired goals. We offer mindfulness-based coaching to help people achieve well being, solve problems effectively, enhance workplace performance, develop leadership and build emotional resilience. All our coaches have in-depth knowledge and application of Mindfulness to day to day life challenges.

Theatre-based Personal Coaching for Public Speaking and Presentation Skills:

Each time we face an audience, we want to perform the best. This tailor-made program includes theatre-based techniques and addresses the most important aspect of communication, which is the delivery of your message. We offer these tools with precision to sharpen the delivery of a presentation. With practice, your efficiency is bound to increase and speaking in public with confidence is no longer a distant dream.
Our coaching program helps you go beyond the content preparation and equips you with tools to expand your expression and make an impact.






Our Clients

Thyssenkrupp Elevators

Kirloskar Oil engines ltd

Medline Industies India pvt ltd

WhiteHedge technologies pvt ltd

Podar International school, Talegaon