Motivational Training

Nitten v Mahadik is a multifaceted motivational speaker. He has been a sportsman, an amateur theater actor, an active social worker, an orator and a sales professional. With his diversified experience and astute knowledge of what drives human behavior, he is able to engage and inspire his audience towards positive outcomes. Having publicly addressed more than 100,000 people so far, he has worked with multinationals, schools, colleges, politicians, and NGOs. 

What is motivation: - As a leading motivational speaker Nitten V Mahadik defines motivation as:-

The ability to manage your internal states and resources in times of setback, develop resilience to realize your optimum potential and achieve your desired goals. 

Is training on motivation and resilience a bad idea?: -

Not at all, in fact, it’s worth the time and effort. As an experienced motivational speaker, Nitten feels that, just as we seek coaching to build the right functional skills, the same way a competent motivational coach can help you build the right mind skills. 

How long can the impact of motivational training and coaching last?:-

For any individual to build skills three things are required i.e Clear goals, Constant Practice, and Immediate feedback and one can experience a visible shift. The same is true for motivational training. Once you learn the right tools and fulfill the above three conditions, the shift happens.  

How can my training add value: -

The mission of my work is to help people with tools and methods which they can use in their day-to-day life and bring about change. The focus of my work is to see how knowledge can be transformed into actions. Participants derive value and experience through the insights and feedback they receive which helps to plan specific steps for their growth. I use methodologies from the world of neuroscience, mindfulness, and theater which makes it a very engaging and insightful experience and gives a deeper understanding of the self.  






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